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SAT World History Courses in Istanbul Turkey

sat world history subject test courses in istanbul turkeySAT World History Subject Test Course covers all historical themes (political, diplomatic, intellectual and cultural, social and economic) from ancient times to today. SAT World History Subject Test asks you to show your knowledge and success about world history. This subject test is divided into 2 as B.C.E. (Before Common Era) and C.E. (Common Era). SAT World History Subject Test asks questions about the test as separate materials based on maps, pictures, graphics or tables.

This subject test tests knowledge learned in high school. Because of differences in high school classes, most students may have questions about subjects they are not familiar with. This is not a concern. To get the highest score for the test (800 points), it is not necessary to answer every question correctly. Even if you answered incorrectly in the exam, you are likely to get 800 full points.

What are the SAT World History Subject Test Course Topics?

Chronological MaterialApproximate % of Test
Prehistory and civilizations to the year 500 Common Era (C.E.)25%
500 to 1500 C.E.20%
1500 to 1900 C.E.25%
Post-1900 C.E.20%
Geographical MaterialApproximate % of Test
Global or comparative25%
Southwest Asia10%
South and Southeast Asia10%
East Asia10%
The Americas (excluding the United States)10%

The SAT World History Subject Test tests the following subjects:

  • Familiarity with terminology, cause-and-effect relationships, geography, and other data required to understand important historical developments.
  • Understanding the concepts necessary for historical analysis.
  • Ability to use historical knowledge in interpreting data in map information, graphics, charts or cartoons.

It would be useful to do the following study for the SAT World History Subject Test:

  • A one-year compound course at the college preparatory level of world history.
  • Independent reading or examination of historical issues related to the examination.
  • Reading the books of the world history.

What does the Test Prep Istanbul SAT World History Subject Test Course do differently?

In SAT World History Subject Test with our support, we aim to get students the highest score. All our materials are selected and our trainers are experienced and our trainers have many years of experience in international exams. SAT World History Course outside of Istanbul: We are helping our students who want to take online SAT World History Course. You can visit our SAT Courses page to learn about other SAT Courses.

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