Dear Tutor Yavuz,
Welcome to Test Prep Online Lessons Platform.
Here is the guide to use Test Prep’s online education system. Please read all the following carefully. All the tutors are deemed to have accepted the following terms. All the lessons are recorded for further investigation. 

General Rules

  1. Share of the personal phone number, social media accounts, and personal e-mail is strictly forbidden. You can share your “Test Prep E-mail”, only!
  2. Cancellation Policy: If you cancel the lesson in 3 hours or less before the lesson, you must make a FREE make up lesson.
  3. If the student cancels the lesson in 1 hour or less before the lesson, you will be paid fully.

In order to start the lesson;

  1. Please, select the subject on the right. 
  2. Click, “Join the Lesson” button, on the next page.
  3. You will be prompted about allowing microphone and camera usage. Please, allow them.
  4. On the echo test, please select the “Join With Microphone” option.
  5. For privacy reasons, you will join as muted. If you want to start talking, click on the microphone button at the bottom-center of the page.
  6. For the best user experience, set the thickness of the pen tool to 4.
  7. For the best user experience, you are advised to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium (not Microsoft edge)
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