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GRE Courses and Test Prep in Istanbul

gre courses in istanbul and turkey. gre prep classes.For students who want to complete post-graduate studies abroad, GRE is an exam that must be entered. We aim to guarantee you get maximum points with GRE courses. Through the GRE courses, students get a chance to get admission to Graduate School or Business School. If you want to show your skills to schools, you can do it with the GRE Test. Our GRE courses help you do your best on the test day. While increasing your subject knowledge, you will also learn the necessary tips about the exam and time management at the same time.

You have noticed that the GRE Revised General Test is now the GRE General Test. The only change is the name. Do not forget that it will take some time for the name change to spread. For this reason, if the GRE preparation materials you see are still “Revised”, do not think it is wrong.

The 3-part GRE exam measures a variety of skills. You need support to capture the highest achievement from each of these three parts. Disciplined work is at the head of the reasons for our students’ high success. You will also benefit from our instructor’s experience with our professional training team. The GMAT course is also given to our experienced trainers.

GRE Courses Verbal Reasoning

This section measures your ability to analyze and evaluate written material, synthesize the acquired information, analyze the relationships between the components of the clan, and identify relationships between words and concepts. For verbal reasoning, which is the most challenging part for students in the exam, we want you to achieve the best score as GRE Test Prep Institute.

GRE Courses Quantitative Reasoning

GRE Quantitative, containing 4 main areas, was designed to test analytical capabilities. With this GRE course, which is popular for students who have already completed upper secondary education or have graduated from the university’s non-mathematics department, we aim to capture your success in a short time. We will briefly summarize these 4 parts which form the quantitative part:

GRE Arithmetic:

Arithmetic topics include divisibility, dividing into factors, prime numbers, residuals, and single and double integers. Concepts such as arithmetic operations, predecessors and roots, estimates, percentages, ratios, ratios, absolute values, number lines, decimal notation and number arrays are also in this respect. Our GRE programs start with this.

GRE Algebra:

Algebra topics include exponential numbers, simplification of algebraic expressions, functions, equations, and inequalities. Separate linear and quadratic equations and solve equations, inequalities and the ability to formulate equations to solve problems. You can also use geometry, including functions, equations and inequalities, including graphs of intersection points and slopes, to arrive at the end result.

GRE Geometry:

Geometry topics include parallel and vertical lines, circles, triangles, quadrangles, other polygons, conformable and similar shapes, three-dimensional figures, space, environment, volume. There is no question in this section and in general in the GRE on behalf of establishing and demonstrating proofs.

GRE Data Analysis:

Data analysis topics include basic descriptive statistics such as mean, median, mode, interval, standard deviation, interquartile ranges, quartiles and percent. There are also questions for interpretation of data in charts and graphs such as line graphs, bar graphs, circle graphs, box lines, scatter lines and frequency distributions. In addition to the basic probability questions, probabilities are also included in the question of probability distributions, including conditional probability random variables and normal distributions. You can also learn about topics such as combinations, permutations, and Venn diagrams with the GRE Courses.

GRE Courses Analytical Writing

The last part of the exam is Analytical Writing, which measures critical thinking and analytical writing skills. In particular, it measures your ability to express and support complex ideas clearly and effectively.

Candidates who want to get more detailed information about the GRE exam can visit the official GRE page. We offer all the help, including registration, about the exam. You can contact us immediately to get  GRE courses.

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