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PTE Academic Courses and Test Prep in Istanbul

pte academic courses and pte academic test prep in istanbul turkeyThe Pearson PTE Academic exam is an academic computer based English exam with international validity. This exam makes it possible for candidates whose native language is not English to prove their English language knowledge. Our aim with PTE Academic Course is  to prove these qualifications. The PTE exam, which is accepted both in Turkey and abroad, is in place of the preparatory year exams of universities. Apart from this, those who want to get language compensation in business life also use this examination. We offer the PTE Academic Courses for this exam, which is used by students and business people as well as applicants for immigration applications. We also offer the TOEFL Course and IELTS Course support.

To enroll for the PTE exam, you must be older than 16 years. This is the beginning of the differences between PTE and other language tests. Also, if you are younger than 18, you can fill out the form after filling out the Parents Permit form. You can find this document on Pearson’s own website. For candidates younger than 18, we recommend IELTS or TOEFL. Compared to the TOEFL, PTE is easier for some candidates and others are difficult for PTE exam. For this reason candidates must have knowledge of both exams before making their choice.

PTE Academic course classes

We are helping candidates who want to take the PTE Academic course with our pearson-certified instructors. You will work with professional trainers who have mastered the exam and are also familiar with Pearson exam style. Our courses are offered both as group lessons and private lessons. We offer both weekday and weekend programs according to the preferences of the candidates.

Who should take this exam and PTE Academic course?

You must register at least 72 hours before you can take the PTE exam. If you want to apply sooner, you only pay more. With this exam, which is applied 363 times a year, you can get the result document within 5 days. The biggest advntage of this test is that it can be given to those who want to get results in a short time and it is done very often. The exam is carried out in specific test centers in: Istanbul, Ankara, Adana, Denizli, Erzurum, Kayseri and Diyarbakir.

With the PTE Academic Course we can help you to pass the university preparatory classes. In addition, we will provide you with the required language proficiency certificate as soon as possible. We develop your language skills with our PTE Materials and PTE Essay Exams we have created. In addition, we aim to be prepared for all the challenges you may face in the examination. We provide you with all the necessary data, including exam tactics and exam book. For more information, you can visit the Pearson PTE page. You can also reach us in all matters related to PTE.

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    Hello, I want to inquire about the fees for PTE Academic test preparation.

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    I want to know detailed information about the PTE preparation course in Istanbul. Please send me the duration, process, and its costs.

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    Can you please inform me with course details (price,duration and if there is any courses in July 2019) ?

    Thank you

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    I need some information about your course in Istanbul and also fee .
    Thank you in advance

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