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The SAT tutoring and Best SAT courses in Istanbul are taught by TestPrep’s experienced teachers. There is no difference in efficiency between SAT private lessons and SAT preparation courses. While SAT private lessons are shaped according to the student’s schedule, SAT online courses have a fixed schedule. We offer private lessons to our students who have previously prepared for the SAT and scored 1300+.

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Would you like to learn excellent strategies that can help you succeed on the SAT exam? Would you like to master English Grammar rules to increase your score? By participating in this course, you will learn a lot of information and SAT techniques that will help you understand the structure of the SAT Maths and SAT English tests. During the online best SAT prep courses, you will gain many of the skills needed to pass the exam.

4-months of SAT Reasoning course is opened for each SAT exam. All sections have their own SAT tutor. Our carefully prepared programs will be given by professional SAT teachers. We are with you in the race against time with online homework and SAT practice tests. We provide the best SAT courses in Istanbul and worldwide in 6-student online classes created according to students’ levels.

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SAT Course Schedule | We Open a Course 4 Months Before Each Exam

We offer 72 hours of SAT online course program with 30 practice tests. We work with our carefully selected study materials to ensure you get over 1500 for the exam. Groups formed according to the levels of the students are taught in the latest tech classes that include all subjects. Best SAT courses offered by Test Prep move you one step ahead. Best SAT courses in Istanbul, Turkey & online offered by Test Prep, help you to get the best score on the test.

Timing & Schedule
Saatler & Takvim
June 13, 2022
13 Haziran 2022
September 30, 2022
30 Eylül 2022
***Full, no more registration***
***Dolu, kayıtlarımız kapanmıştır***

August 22, 2022
22 Ağustos 2022
December 02, 2022
02 Aralık 2022
***Full, no more registration***
***Dolu, kayıtlarımız kapanmıştır***
November 21, 2022
21 Kasım 2022
March 10, 2023
10 Mart 2023
***Registration is open until November 18, 2022***
***Son kayıt tarihi: 18 Kasım 2022***
Pazartesi - Çarşamba - Cuma: 18:00 - 20:15
Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 6pm - 8:15pm
January 16, 2023
16 Ocak 2023
May 5, 2023
5 Mayıs 2023
***Registration is open until January 13, 2023***
***Son kayıt tarihi: 13 Ocak 2023***
Pazartesi - Çarşamba - Cuma: 18:00 - 20:15
Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 6pm - 8:15pm
March 13, 2023
13 Mart 2023
June 2, 2023
2 Haziran 2023
***Registration is open until May 31, 2023***
***Son kayıt tarihi: 31 Mayıs 2023***
16 Hazirana Kadar : Pazartesi - Çarşamba - Cuma: 18:00 - 20:15
16 Hazirandan Sonra : Pazartesi - Çarşamba - Cuma: 09:00 - 11:15
Until June 16th: Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 6pm - 8:15am
After June 16th: Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 9am - 11:15am

SAT Reasoning



Group Course

All SAT Reasoning Topics
 6-student interactive online classes
72 Hours of Instruction by Expert SAT Tutors
 10+30 Real Timed SAT Practice Tests
 All the materials will be provided
 100% Refund Guarantee if you are unhappy with the 1st-week lessons.

*10 practice tests will be held regularly. 30 practice tests can be taken at any time by the student. After regular practice tests, problem-solving lessons will be held in which the questions that students could not solve or solved incorrectly are evaluated after every 2 practice tests.

I recommend that you take your SAT courses from a professional institute such as Test Prep. With its high quality international connection, it is also a prominent place in educational consultancy and school applications. I registered my daughter on recommendation and I can recommend it. They are extremely relevant and knowledgeable. They were there whenever we needed them from beginning to end. This is the most important thing.

We called and got information about everything about the SAT prep. We finally got a score of 1520 and it was impossible to achieve this score without your help. Thank you very much again.

Parent of Test Prep SAT student  – Mrs. Ceyda

sat private tutor sat group courses online best sat courses in istanbul

Online SAT Private Tutoring Programs Focus on Success in Short Time

If you want to get maximum results in minimum time in the SAT exam, the special online SAT tutoring programs offered by Test Prep are for you. It is not impossible, but very difficult, to succeed with your own work for SAT, which is a time-tested exam. 

For this reason, you will save time with our online SAT private lessons prepared to cover your deficiencies in a short time. In addition, with our professional training staff, you reach high scores thanks to our SAT tutoring. Getting a high score from this exam is very important for you to get accepted to schools with scholarship.

 Personal SAT Program

Our private lesson programs are created according to the appropriate times of the students. We help our students who have decided on the date they will take the exam to create a program. Reach the desired score in a short time with weekday or weekend lesson options.

 Global SAT Tutoring Team

Test Prep, which operates worldwide, connects you with SAT teachers all over the world with online classes. Pass 1500 with Test Prep study materials compiled from hundreds of different sources, working with the best SAT instructors worldwide.

SAT Tutoring

Single Lesson


Per Lesson

90-minute Private Lesson

A single 90-minute session with experienced TestPrep SAT Tutor on TestPrep interactive whiteboard

Choose between Single Math or English Lesson
 Topics according to your needs
Fits your time schedule

SAT Tutoring

10 Lessons


Per Lesson

10 x 90-minute Private Lessons

10 x 90-minute session with experienced TestPrep SAT Tutor on TestPrep interactive whiteboard

Any combination of 10 Maths or English Lessons
 Topics according to your needs
Fits your time schedule

SAT Tutoring

20 Lessons


Per Lesson

20 x 90-minute Private Lessons

20 x 90-minute session with experienced TestPrep SAT Tutor on TestPrep interactive whiteboard

Any combination of 20 Maths or English Lessons
 Topics according to your needs
Fits your time schedule

With the preparation process I started 8 months ago, I got 1550. If you follow all warnings and instructions, it is the only institution that can easily take you to these levels. Test Prep responded to my every need with the course materials closest to the exam, its experienced teachers and friendly staff.

Test Prep SAT Student – Sinan

Best SAT Test Scores of Our Students

High-Tech Online SAT Classes Support You In The Race Against Time

Our online education gives students access to our unrivaled international teacher team. So students can get the best support wherever they are. With the Test Prep Online infrastructure, students can share audio, video, slide, chat and screen in real time. From plotting graphs to writing chemical equations, to the flexibility and responsiveness of online workspaces, students and teachers are allowed to explore in detail together. Thanks to our tutors and the online infrastructure, we are offering best SAT courses in Istanbul and in Turkey.

At the end of the online classes, students not only master effective testing strategies, but also have ample opportunities to practice comprehensively using the materials covered during the lesson. Best SAT courses in Istanbul helps students from all over the world.

Online SAT Homework

In SAT, which competes against time, solve questions against time with the online question bank created by teachers. Questions sent to students immediately at the end of the lessons are resolved and graded on our system. Thanks to our online system, the start and end times of the assignments are checked. In this way, students are followed at the highest level. In addition, by observing the time spent on questions, it enables our students to use their time efficiently.

Online SAT Practice Tests

We have all the applications and materials, including 60 online practice tests, 3,700+ study questions, which you need to specialize in SAT strategies and approaches. Score reports sent to students at the end of the mock exams provide the best understanding of each question. So you can quickly understand where you went wrong. The practice tests applied at the end of the course are based on providing students a real exam experience. In the race against time, Test Prep is with you.

The SAT Test Structure

sat courses in istanbul. sat test prep courses in istanbul.SAT students take a test that includes mathematics (SAT Math) and English (SAT Verbal). In the verbal section, students need to be able to answer the questions about texts correctly and as soon as possible. The Verbal part contains the Reading Test section consisting of 52 questions to be solved in 65 minutes and Writing and Language Test section consisting of 44 questions to be solved in 35 minutes. We offer the SAT courses for all parts of the SAT 1 exam. The highest total of 1600 points is taken from both sections.

Re-designed SAT (New SAT), in the US in March 2016 and, in May 2016, and was launched in the rest of the world, including Turkey. Although some parts of the SAT exams remain the same, the majority of the tests have been differentiated. In general, the SAT Test has begun not to include question types such as those that are based on rules and formulas and that are to be used in the real world. The students demonstrate the knowledge they learn in the classroom, the ability to use outside the classroom (including vocabulary and math skills).

In this way, universities will be able to see more easily how they are ready to begin university education, instead of hard memorizing their ability to learn new knowledge. The redesigned SAT is evaluated over 1600 instead of 2400. Every mistake made in the old SAT would cause you to lose 0.25 points. It will not be like that anymore. Since the first announcement of the changes, we have started to work as the SAT Course and have prepared all our SAT Course materials in accordance with the needs of the students.



  1. SAT Courses SAT Private Tutoring in Istanbul | References with 1500+ and 800+ 1

    Fantastic place. Great teachers and learning environment. Everyone is very helpful. Test Prep helped me improve my SAT score a lot. They provide excellent resources such as plenty of mock papers and the teaching is very good.

  2. SAT Courses SAT Private Tutoring in Istanbul | References with 1500+ and 800+ 2

    Hello I would like to ask if there is any new sat courses , as well as if you teach both English and math ,
    I hope to receiv respond

  3. SAT Courses SAT Private Tutoring in Istanbul | References with 1500+ and 800+ 3

    hello, do you have a group prep classes starting from September during the weekdays? if so, is there any age limit?

  4. SAT Courses SAT Private Tutoring in Istanbul | References with 1500+ and 800+ 4

    Is it possible to receive my high school diploma here?

  5. SAT Courses SAT Private Tutoring in Istanbul | References with 1500+ and 800+ 6
    Elwaleed Mohamed Eledfawy Abdallah

    I am a mathematics teacher for SAT
    21 years of experience

  6. SAT Courses SAT Private Tutoring in Istanbul | References with 1500+ and 800+ 7
    Isla Brown

    My previous SAT score was a 1350. I just scored 1540 points!! I’m very excited and thankful for Test Prep’s excellent study program.

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