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A Level Courses in Istanbul

a level courses in istanbulA Level is the education offered to the 16-19 year old students at the upper secondary level and pre-university education in the UK education system. After 2 years of education, the student can directly go to the university offering the departments related to the courses. Our A Level courses are offered with the professional teachers. All the A Level Prep Courses  are applied in English.

The duration of this program is two years. The student must take at least 3 courses in total during his / her education. Generally 4-5 courses are taken. The first year of study is AS Level or Advanced Subsidiary Level. Students who have successfully completed the program are entitled to A2 for the second year.

Some high schools in Turkey offers A-Level diploma. In addition to the Turkish curriculum, students taking the A Level diploma program also take A Level courses. Therefore, they may need support from time to time.

In which countries is A Level valid?

This program is mostly recognized in Australia and New Zealand, close to the UK and UK education. Students who complete the A Level in the UK will have the chance to study at all UK universities, as well as in the UK’s oldest universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge.

Why A-Level Program?

According to the education system in the UK does not have the competence to start university students who graduated from high school in Turkey and are required to undergo additional training to determine what can be read in college. Therefore, students who complete high school in Turkey, England and English to complete undergraduate education in countries close to the training required to read a first year foundation. A-Level opens the door to the best UK universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Because these two universities do not accept students who pass the Foundation Year, named as Bridges Year. Only students with A Level and IB can apply to these universities.

Test Prep’s A Level Courses

A level consists of two stages and 6 units. Program duration is 2 years. The program is given to students only by colleges. This program is not provided by universities. At least 3 and 5 courses can be taken during the program. Students can choose any subject related to science, literature, science, social sciences and art. But in order to be able to study in a good university and in a good department, science, medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology for engineering; mathematics, accounting, economics, psychology and English literature courses must be taken for business, humanities and law.

Foreign students get the right to apply to UK universities by completing AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level) in the first year and A2 in the second year. Every two years (AS Level and A2) students must take the same courses. The first year proposed to students (AS) is to choose four courses and in the second year (A2) these three courses are electives. In addition to the student’s success during the training, students must take the exam held in June at the end of the year. Students who fail this exam are entitled to take the exam again in January. Students are required to take successful grades from 3 or 4 courses.

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    Can my son apply for A2 level as he already finished the AS level.
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