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Unit-focused prep course program delivered by our experienced tutoring team. Prepare for exams by reviewing all topics and solving mock exams. The exam prep courses are designed to enable students to progress in the best way possible.


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Best Online Prep Courses in 6-student Classes

Unit-focused training program delivered by our experienced tutoring team. Prepare for exams by reviewing all topics and solving mock exams. The exam prep courses are designed to enable students to progress in the best way possible.

Entire Curriculm

Enroll in the class that suits your level and attend classes that cover all the topics of the exam you want to take. Repeat the subject with regular assignments after each lesson.

Exam-like Online Practice Tests

Determine your level with mock exams at the end of the courses. Increase your score in a short time with practice tests created according to levels!

6-student Online Classes

In order to achieve the highest efficiency, test prep course lessons are taught in online classes of 6 students. As students progress faster through mutual exchange of ideas, they learn effectively through joint discussions.

online test prep courses

For years I have always been biased towards online lessons. I broke this prejudice thanks to the online lessons Test Prep made on its own infrastructure.

I attended both group courses and private lessons and it was much more beneficial than taking lessons in the office. If you have prejudices against online courses, I think you can beat it with the Test Prep infrastructure.

Test Prep IB student – Emir

High-Tech Online Classrooms Focus on Best Learning Experience

With powerful online classes, students can share audio, video, slide, chat, and screen in real time.

Multi-user Whiteboard

With the multi-user whiteboard, you can draw, edit, and share with your classmates and teacher in real-time. With the interactive study environment, you will never have any unanswered questions.

Online Homework & Practice Tests

All assignments are handed over to the student immediately after class. Evaluate yourself and increase your scores easily with online mock exams applied at the end of the prep course. Get used to the test format and test yourself against the time.

Our Online Test Prep Tutoring Sessions Bring Success in a Short Time

One-on-one lessons tailored to the student’s needs, level, and goals. Online tutoring sessions are especially popular with students who need to reach their best in a short time. In a short time improve your scores, understand the curriculum, and gain the confidence to apply your knowledge to exams.

Experienced Private Tutoring Team

TestPrep’s tutors are selected from professionals with significant experience in the educational environment. Our tutors are renowned teachers with the highest level of personal communication skills.

Personalized Schedule

In the online tutoring program, students can choose a suitable time period and create their own schedules. Depending on the student’s request, we can also create a fixed schedule.

test prep özel ders

It is the only place that does everything in their power to motivate me again when I give up, where the professors stand on everything I do not understand in the lessons, I am greeted with a happy face when I enter through every door, and I am supported with all kinds of study resources. It makes me very happy to have the chance to enter such a warm environment after many places I have visited.

Test Prep SAT student – Cemre

About TestPrep

Since we have been in the education field for more than 10 years, we can help you get better. At Test Prep, we use innovative strategies and efficient training methods to meet the needs of students with different dreams. Well-researched and effective prep course design for all tests, not crowded classrooms with excellent class/student ratio, tightly monitored classroom layout, regular information sharing, and evaluations are the most important privileges of Test Prep.

We review all strategies for your success in the exam. We also provide a large number of mock exams and prep course materials that improve your skills. With the tips we give, we help you to be prepared for every obstacle you will encounter in the exam.

Preparation for International Exams

Test Prep is a leading standardized test preparation and overseas education consultancy firm. We help our students get admission to the universities of their dreams. Apart from education consultancy, we also prepare our students for many standardized tests such as IB, AP, PROFICIENCY, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, BMAT, UKCAT, LSAT, LNAT.

With over 10 years of experience, we strive to provide top quality “exam preparation courses”. While we create a suitable profile for each student, we also observe the entire application process of our students. International Standardized tests are part of the route that gets you to the schools of your dreams.


Admissions Consultancy

Our Admissions Consultancy services are provided by our experts with the following characteristics:
  • Evaluates the student’s interests and helps them make appropriate career plans.
  • Guiding students through the long and tedious application process.
  • Help create a strong profile for each student.
  • Although Test Prep’s instructors have a diverse professional and academic career, they have one goal. This goal: Helping students to realize their future dreams. We want to create team leaders. We want to help students realize their competencies.