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Test Prep SAT Courses in Istanbul

sat courses in istanbul. sat test prep courses in istanbul.Candidates wishing to study in the US must take one or both of the SAT or ACT exams. For this reason, we offer SAT courses with our experienced trainers. We provide full support for either SAT 1 (New SAT) or SAT 2 (SAT Subject Test). It is possible to be successful with your own work for the SAT, which is a test that competes with time, but it is very difficult. For this reason, you save time with the SAT courses prepared to increase your scores in short time. You will also receive high scores thanks to the SAT prep course with our professional trainers. Taking a high score from this exam is very important for getting scholarship acceptance to schools.

SAT Courses and the Course Structure

SAT Exam is divided into 2 as SAT I and SAT II. These two exams are independent examinations. For SAT 1 students take a test that includes mathematics (SAT Math) and English (SAT Verbal). In the verbal section, students need to be able to answer the questions about texts correctly and as soon as possible. The Verbal part contains Reading Test section consisting of 52 questions to be solved in 65 minutes and Writing and Language Test section consisting of 44 questions to be solved in 35 minutes. We offer the SAT courses for all parts of the SAT 1 exam. The highest total of 1600 points is taken from both sections.

SAT Reading Test

52 Questions and 65 Minutes

SAT Writing & Language Test

44 Questions and 35 Minutes

What are New SAT changes?

Re-designed SAT (New SAT), in the US in March 2016 and, in May 2016, and was launched in the rest of the world, including Turkey. Although some parts of the SAT exams remain the same, the majority of the tests have been differentiated. In general, the SAT Test has begun not to include question types such as those that are based on rules and formulas and that are to be used in the real world. The students demonstrate the knowledge they learn in the classroom, the ability to use outside the classroom (including vocabulary and math skills).

In this way, universities will be able to see more easily how they are ready to begin university education, instead of hard memorizing their ability to learn new knowledge. The redesigned SAT is evaluated over 1600 instead of 2400. Essay; it is optional. Students are allowed 50 minutes to write essays. Every mistake made in the old SAT would cause you to lose 0.25 points. It will not be like that anymore. Since the first announcement of the changes, we have started to work as the SAT Course and have prepared all our SAT Course materials in accordance with the needs of the students.

SAT Subject Tests Courses

With Subject Tests, which allow students to demonstrate their ability in a variety of subjects, you have to take relevant tests into the department you want to study. For example, a student who wants to study medicine should take the SAT Biology Subject Test while a student who wants to study astrophysics should take the Physics Subject Test. We help you with all the SAT Subject Test topics listed below. Each SAT Subject Test is evaluated over 800 points.

Why Should the TestPrep SAT Course Be Preferred?

We understand the enthusiasm of students who want to study abroad. The SAT Exam, which is available in many countries including North America and Europe, gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Students who take the SAT Subject test for the department they want to study increase their chances of getting accepted into these departments. We are at your side when the students need it most and we help them in every way. In this process, which lasts for years, from the beginning to the end, we are always with students whenever they want.

When supported by other exams, the SAT course increases the likelihood that students will be admitted to the top schools, called top colleges. Along with the SAT course, we also offer our Admission Consultancy service, which is needed when applying to university, in Dubai quality. We are proud to offer the SAT course at international level. Candidates wishing to obtain detailed information about the SAT can visit the official SAT site.

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