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Test Prep IB Mathematics HL Course

IB Mathematics Internal Assessment enables students to develop mathematical learning independence through research. In places where IB Math HL students support internal assessment, ordinary mathematics teachers cannot help them. Students should be guided by various mathematical activities and different mathematical ideas. This orientation also allows students to develop the skills they need for mathematical calculations without written exam time constraints. IB Math HL courses in Istanbul are provided as group courses an private courses.

IB Math HL Private Course programs are conducted with IB Math Examiner Instructors who are experienced in this field. These trainers are instructors who grade IB Math Examination papers. In addition, the biggest difference of my examiner trainers is that they adapt to the new IB Curriculum changes in a timely manner and apply this to our special curriculums. In addition, our instructors from within the system provide mathematical exploration (math expo) for IB Math HL Internal Assesment.

IB Math HL (High Level) Course Topics

  • Algebra
  • Functions & Equations
  • Circular functions and trigonometry
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Calculus

In the IB Math Hl courses, students choose a subject as an option. The teaching and teaching of these subjects is successful only when successful IB Teachers provide them. Below is a list of topics that IB Math HL students can choose from.

  • Statistics & Probability
  • Sets, Relations & Groups
  • Calculus
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Our IB Math HL Course

With our High Level Math Tutoring, we aim to provide students with the highest score in IB grades during the IB program. In addition, students are expected to learn mathematics as a science and learn without memorizing. Supported by this course, you can also get support for the sat math level 2 courses that can be easily accomplished.

All our IB HL courses are given by our IB Examiner trainers. For students who want to take IB Mathematics HL Private Course from outside of Istanbul, we help with online skype course. Ib Math HL During our special lessons, we also give information about how students use the calculator they need most. In addition, thanks to the practical use of the lessons throughout the exam, we quickly solve questions in the exam. We usually teach our students all the details of the TI-84 and TI-Nspire models, which are commonly used among students. This calculator helps them save time in solving the IB Mathematics Paper 2 questions.

You can contact us to get more information about IB Course. You can also visit our IB Course page to learn about our other IB courses. All of our courses are given by different instructors who are specialized in their field. In this way, IB Mathematics lessons are becoming much easier for students.

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