Difficulty of AP Classes and AP Exams

ap class vs ap exam

Sure, they can help you get college credit and make your transcript more impressive. But are AP tests hard? The answer isn’t an easy yes or no. You need to consider many factors, including your own academic strengths, your school, and national score statistics. We’ll guide you through these different factors and help you decide for yourself how hard AP tests will be!

Comparison of AP Test and AP Class

There are two components to consider when choosing how hard an AP subject is: the trouble of the AP exam itself, and how the AP class is instructed at your secondary school. Your score on the exam will influence whether you can get school acknowledgment for the class. Your review in the class will influence your GPA and generally transcript grandness.

For instance, in case you’re pondering, “Is AP Chemistry hard?” the appropriate response relies upon a couple of components. AP Chemistry could be an exceptionally intense course at one secondary school yet a simple An at another, contingent upon the educator and educational modules. The exams, be that as it may, are truly comparable year to year. Some are harder than others, however your experience will rely upon your own qualities. When all is said in done, all AP classes are testing and the exams are troublesome, since they’re intended to be at a similar level of an early on school class. All things considered, we’ll investigate a few factors that could make an AP class and test harder or less demanding.

Difficulty of an AP Exam

Procuring a passing score (3+) on the AP test demonstrates that you aced the material and can think about for a school style total exam. Doing great on the AP exam can enable you to get school credit and give your school applications a lift. It’s essential to consider how hard an AP exam may be for you before agreeing to accept the class. The normal passing rate is around 60-70%, so your chances of passing an AP exam are for the most part great. In any case, on the grounds that the chances are to support you, that doesn’t mean you can slack off—a long way from it, actually! Pre-ap classess are also as difficult as regular one.

The chances of going with a 5—the most noteworthy score—are very low on any exam: somewhere in the range of 10% and 20%. They are even lower for well known tests, for example, both AP English tests and AP US History, which have 5 rates beneath 10%. This is likely in light of the fact that a more extensive pool of exam takers results in more less-readied understudies stepping through the examination. Look at the table underneath to see the 2018 passing rates for all AP exams:

Exam TypeSuccess Rate (3+)5 Point Rate
Chinese Language and Culture90.8%65.8%
Studio Art: Drawing89.7%22.4%
Spanish Language and Culture88.3%23.2%
Studio Art: 2-D Design84.8%18.0%
Calculus BC80.3%40.3%
Japanese Language and Culture77.3%48.6%
French Language and Culture76.9%15.9%
Physics C: Mechanics76.7%28.6%
Computer Science Principles72.7%14.4%
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism71.8%35.0%
Spanish Literature and Culture70.1%9.2%
Studio Art: 3-D Design69.2%11.4%
German Language and Culture68.8%19.0%
Computer Science A67.7%24.7%
Italian Language and Culture67.5%16.1%
Music Theory66.0%22.5%
Art History64.7%12.8%
Comparative Government and Politics62.9%20.6%
Physics 260.9%11.2%
Calculus AB57.5%19.0%
English Language and Composition57.4%10.6%
European History57.4%11.8%
World History56.2%8.7%
Human Geography54.3%12.9%
United States Government and Politics53.2%13.4%
United States History51.1%10.4%
Environmental Science47.5%8.5%
English Literature and Composition47.4%5.6%
Physics 139.7%5.2%

Difficulty of an AP Class

So shouldn’t something be said about the classes themselves? Is AP Chemistry hard? Is AP Psychology hard? What about Statistics or English? How hard an AP class itself will be for you is imperative to consider. As a rule, a B in an AP class is more great than An of every a consistent course. In any case, if your GPA is getting hauled around a group of AP classes, that is not the best result either.

All things considered, your GPA is imperative in school affirmations and is utilized to ascertain your possibility at getting grants, as well. Along these lines, you need to ensure that you move yourself yet don’t spread yourself too thin.


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