For What Reason My SAT Score Is Lower Than I Expected?

My SAT Score is low

Suppose you took the SAT in June and got 50 out of 58 questions ideal on the Math segment for a score of 550.

You needed a higher score, so you took the SAT again in October. You got 51 out of 58 math questions ideal for a score of 530. The quantity of inquiries you addressed accurately went up, yet your score went down.

Is this a misstep? Would it be advisable for you to get your test rescored? Likely not. Except if it turns out you addressed more inquiries effectively, your score is precise.

So what was the deal?

A Difference in Difficulty

Despite the fact that the College Board strives to create tests with a similar dimension of trouble, a few renditions of the SAT are somewhat harder than others.

In the precedent over, the Math segment of the principal SAT was more troublesome than the Math segment of the second test, so the inquiries on the first merited more. This is the manner by which we ensure scores are reasonable for all understudies, paying little respect to which SAT they took.

Also, it’s the reason you earned a 550 for 50 right answers on the harder adaptation, and a 530 for 51 right answers on the simpler rendition.

The Scoring Process

To ensure an area score from any SAT is equal to that equivalent segment score from some other SAT, paying little heed to its dimension of trouble, we utilize a technique called “comparing.” Equating is an all around acknowledged measurable process utilized for every single state administered test. It guarantees that scores are reasonable and legitimate for all test takers.

A few people confound “likening” with “evaluating on a bend,” however it’s not a similar thing. At the point when a test is scored on a bend, your score may change contingent upon how every other person performed on the test. Your SAT score depends just on how you perform. It’s never influenced by other understudies’ execution.

Taking the SAT Again?

In the event that you’d like to enhance your score by taking the SAT once more, take a stab at concentrate with Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. Understudies who utilize this free investigation instrument for only 6-8 hours see their scores go up a normal of 90.

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