How to Improve Your SAT Scores in 6 Steps

improve sat scores in 6 steps

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a higher SAT score to build your school openings or fit the bill for more grants, we’re here to help. Most understudies who take the SAT again improve their scores, so we urge understudies to take the SAT twice—once in the spring of their lesser year and once in the fall of their senior year. (However, we offer the SAT ordinarily during the school year, so you can pick whichever dates work best for you.)

In case you’re preparing to take the SAT out of the blue, look at this post for some incredible tips. On the off chance that you’ve effectively taken the SAT once and need to expand your score, here are some particular advances you can take to improve:

Stage 1. Choose an objective score extend

Before taking the SAT once more, set aside some effort to consider what your SAT score will enable you to achieve. Perhaps acquiring a specific score will enable you to emerge to your fantasy school or possibly you have to improve by 50 to meet the application prerequisites for a grant. Having a reasonable objective will enable you to realize the amount you have to improve and, above all, remain persuaded as you plan to take the SAT once more.

To settle on your objective score extend, make a rundown of universities you’re wanting to apply to on BigFuture™ (star tip—assembling a school list on BigFuture™ can likewise enable you to meet all requirements for section in our College Board Opportunity Scholarships in case you’re a lesser in the U.S.). At that point click on the Applying tab for every school on your rundown to perceive what scope of SAT scores they’re searching for. Contrast these reaches with your present score to perceive what number of focuses you have to pick up.

Stage 2. Register for the SAT

Since you realize the score range you’re going for, take a gander at the up and coming SAT dates and choose when you’d like to step through the examination once more. Pick a date that works with your school application course of events and gives you sufficient opportunity to rehearse before the test. We suggest rehearsing for 6 two months before your SAT so you can contemplate a tad at any given moment as opposed to packing.

When you realize when you’d like to take the SAT, register immediately. Test focuses top off ahead of schedule for certain test dates (particularly the August SAT), so hold your spot ahead of time. Enlisting for the SAT the second time will just take a few minutes since you’ve just made a College Board account and entered your data. Simply sign in, pick your test date and test focus, and pay for your test. Remember to exploit enlistment expense waivers on the off chance that you fit the bill for them.

Stage 3. Set up a training plan

Here’s the uplifting news: You don’t have to pay for a private coach or a SAT prep class to improve your SAT scores. More than 100,000 understudies who utilized Official SAT Practice in the 2017–2018 school year improved their SAT scores by at least 200, and you can as well. It just takes a smidgen of association and diligent work.

Students who went through 20 hours on SAT Practice with us saw a normal increase of 115 points from the PSAT/NMSQT to the SAT.

Stage 4. Practice, practice, practice

As you consider, recall your purpose behind needing to improve your SAT score (you can set up photos of the schools you’d love to go to around your work area at home). Examining even satisfies at the present time—the ideas you’ll ace for the SAT will help you in your English and math classes—so it’s a success win.

Stage 5. Take a full-length SAT practice test

When you’ve been rehearsing for two or three weeks on Official SAT Practice, take a full-length practice test. It’ll most likely be least demanding to do on an end of the week since you’ll require barely three hours to finish the test. Full-length practice tests are a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to plan for test day and to perceive how prepared you are. Our exploration demonstrates that the score you jump on one of our official practice tests taken inside 30 days of your test date is very prescient of the score you’ll jump on the genuine SAT. We prescribe that all understudies take in any event one practice test around about fourteen days before taking the SAT yet take more in the event that you have time or on the off chance that you have an exceptionally driven score increment objective.

The College Board is focused on helping all understudies do their best on the SAT, so we offer eight full-length practice tests for nothing (that doesn’t mean we suggest you take every one of the eight—normally one to two practice tests will be sufficient). You can print out the training tests from our site or take the training tests online on Official SAT Practice. There are upsides and downsides to the two strategies—a few understudies like to take the pencil-and-paper practice tests on the grounds that the genuine SAT will be pencil-and-paper. You can likewise rehearse the exposition segment of the test with the online choice. Pick the arrangement that works best for you.

Take the SAT and View Your Score Report

Presently you’re prepared for the genuine article. You’ve arranged, you’ve polished, and now you’re prepared to take the SAT once more. Get a decent night’s rest before test day and pursue our test day agenda to ensure you have all that you need. Be certain realizing you put in the diligent work and you’re prepared to give a valiant effort.

When you have taken your SAT, your scores will be accessible to you in around about fourteen days. View your SAT score report on the web and you will discover heaps of profitable data about how you performed.

Stage 6. Retake the SAT

On the off chance that you didn’t achieve your objective score, register to test again and practice. On the off chance that Official SAT Practice encourages you increment your score, let us know—we’d love to hear your story. What’s more, make sure to agree to accept the College Board Opportunity Scholarships so your diligent work can enable you to fit the bill for more cash to pay for school.

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